Clone Selection (April 23)



cactus breath (Indica dominant hybrid)

Big Smooth (Indica-Leaning hybrid)

wedding cake (Sativa-leaning hybrid)

Strawberry Cough (sativa; limited quantities)

Durban Poison (Sativa; limited QUANTITIES)


We wish you and your clone well

we have compiled our own tips and tricks



Our clones were exposed to 24-hour light cycles under T5 lights. Our lights were spaced approximately 8 inches above the canopy of our clones. If you intend to optimize the growth of your clone, you will require similar T-8 or T-5 bulbs. If you do not have a straight bulb setup, you may always use the CFL bulbs in a typical desk lamp, though you may wish to space these farther, depending on the heat you feel from these bulbs.

  • T-5, t-8 bulbs should be kept 8” above the canopy

  • CFL and Hotter (high-output) bulbs should be kept >12” above

  • Not all light bulbs optimize photosynthesis, please ask us



Your clone was started in a block of rock wool, which is spun lava rock. This helps get moisture to the cuttings, but there is very little nutrient in the material. We have recently transplanted these rock wool blocks into cups of soil. The roots should absorb the nutrient in the soil before transplanting your clone to its next pot. This will take at least a week, and will be signified when your clone’s roots reach out of the bottom of the cup.

  • Your cup of soil has enough nutrient to sustain your plant for longer than two weeks, refrain from transplanting for at least 10 days



Your clone’s roots need an optimal environment to grow and absorb the soils’ nutrients. An optimal environment is not wet or dry, but instead a nice level of dampness felt a centimeter under the soil. A plant wilts when it needs water, but the signs are less obvious when your plant is over watered. Stem rot, fungal infection, and a deprivation of oxygen occur when the soil is kept too moist. Dry soil will wilt your plant and your clone will begin drawing nutrient from your plant’s stored energy instead of the soil, but this is a far better situation to be in.

  • Water your plants every three days

  • or if the cup feels light and the plant is wilting