Pain Salve Reg.

Releaf Topicals - CBD/THC

Pain Releaf Salve 1THC to 1CBD 75mg of each; ReLeaf Topicals uses the whole marijuana plant and multiple herbs as the foundation of their salves and products. The ingredients are cold processed for several months in order to develop and retain the potency and vitality of the multiple compounds, acids, terpenes and cannabinoids. The compounds in cannabis are thought to work synergistically, so using a single isolated compound or distillate does not have the same effects as a product made with the whole cannabis flower. The many compounds found in cannabis, known as cannabinoids, interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system and slow down pain signals from your brain. Also, some of these cannabinoids act as powerful anti-inflammatories, which means they can bring down swelling, ease itching and promote healing. These salves are phenomenal for use on arthritis, injuries from broken bones, bruises, menstrual cramps, joint pain, inflammation, back issues, bruising and more! Apply frequently where it hurts! A few of the ingredients in our proprietary blend include: Lemongrass and Thyme for the potent terpene Myrcene; promoting decreased pain, inflammation and muscle relaxation. Arnica for pain reduction, and promotion of healing of bruising and scaring. Comfrey also know as knit bone promoting overall healing. Mint family to sooth pain, promote circulation and it’s antiviral benefits.

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