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Product with Integrity

We deliver cannabis products of the highest quality, tested via spectrometry and inspected to keep your product free from defect.


Sativa are generalized to relieve neurological issues. The plant grows tall and thin and the leaves are generally thinner than leaves of an indica plant. Similarly, the plant grows slower as well.

Uplifting and energizing. Increases serotonin.

Hybrid strains are generalized as relievers for pains and inflammation. They are a mix of both strains and the effects are dependent on the ratio of the plant.

Reduces feelings of stress

Indica strains are thought to offer nausea relief and relief for gastro-intestinal issues. The leaves are large and the plant grows very quickly.

Provides moderate help for inflammation. Increased dopamine


How do we excel?

Our product is carefully inspected and tested. Product is inspected by microscope and a special Spectrometer, provided by Sage Analytics, that detects the intensity of the spectra associated with THC, CBD, and their precursor acids. We proudly hold to the 2013 inspection standards of the LPs of Canada. Find your strain with these resources and learn more of the phytocannabinoids

Countries with legalized cannabis have rapidly evolving inspection processes for dried cannabis flower, however Healing House Medicinals strives to go above and beyond for you and consistently provide our clients with nothing but the highest quality THC and CBD products.
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