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Who We Are

When we opened our cannabis dispensary in the spring of 2018, one of the first things we observed was that many of the edible items on the market lacked quality control and consistency in strength. True Dose Edibles was created in this manner. We made the decision to create a line that was truly local and whose potency could always be guaranteed. All of our goods are tested in-house at our own lab.

Our Approach to Creating Edibles

We also strongly believe that edibles shouldn’t merely serve as a delivery system for cannabis products. They must always taste fantastic too! A lot of consideration is put into flavour profiles to ensure that the edible complements the cannabis products it is infused with, while also tasting excellent. While creating an infused consumable, many brands fail to consider the percentage base of the cannabis product being used.

For instance, eating a 10mg THC cookie infused with dried cannabis flower that has a low THC content will feel very different from eating an edible that has been infused with a high potency concentrate, like shatter or distillate, which has a 10mg THC content as well. The fact that some power is lost during the heating or infusion process is another common oversight. All of this is carefully taken into account by True Dose Edibles. To make up for this loss, we add additional cannabis product to our recipes.

To ensure that results remain correct, products are also retested before leaving our facility. As a result, you might discover that our products feel stronger than the same THC dose from other brands.


High-quality cannabis extract offers a practical and efficient approach to benefit from cannabis. We have a wide range of cannabis tinctures available, so you’re covered whatever your ailment.


The advantages of cannabis can be experienced in a fun and practical way with edibles. Cannabis edibles are a great option whether you're searching for a tasty snack or a sweet treat to unwind with.


Our cannabis topicals can help you, whether you have dry skin, arthritis, sore muscles, or another problem. To ensure precise dosing, the natural formula is verified in laboratories.