It wasn’t long ago that when you purchased cannabis, your options were minimal. And chances are, you didn’t really know what you were buying.

With legalization, consumers are now flooded with information about their cannabis. For some this can be overwhelming and many are unsure of why they should care at all. This information, however, is important for a number of reasons and can help when deciding what to buy and why. 

Cannabis has numerous medicinal benefits and people consume for many different reasons. With legalization, cannabis is finally being looked at seriously within the medical community. It’s now being held to the same testing standards as other medical products. There are two main reasons for testing.


Cannabis is tested for materials that may still be present within the plant. Examples are nutrients, salts, or pesticides from neighbouring gardens. 

Mites and molds are two other major factors to watch for when testing any cannabis product. Consuming mold-infested bud can have some serious adverse effects for the consumer. No one wants to smoke bugs either. More research is needed on the negative effects of smoking cannabis containing spider mites, but their webbing alone will ruin entire crops even if the grower was able to get rid of the pests.


Testing is the only way to know the true potency of a specific product. Cannabis plants and products can differ greatly, depending on their growing conditions or extraction process. One grower’s Pink Kush could look and test very differently from another’s depending on the care each one gave to their plant.  Another reason is to know the true cannabinoid makeup and terpene profile of that specific plant. Most of us know that THC is the thing in cannabis that makes you high, but there are many other compounds, like CBD, that can be beneficial to someone.  Many are also starting to understand that terpenes (the variety of smells found in different cannabis strains) are what sustains the high and can make the experience vary. 

How We Test Our Products

At Healing House Medicinals, we have our own in-house lab where all incoming products are tested for quality and potency. After completing an in-depth physical examination for molds or insects, the products are tested using an HLPC testing machine. These machines are able to accurately assess CBG, CBN, THC-A, Delta-9 THC, CBD and THC content. This method, however, does not measure the terpene profile. Terpene content is information we’ll be able to include with more advanced testing equipment soon to be implemented. 

How You Can Check Your Product

To ensure you are buying quality products right for you, speak with your bud-tender.  Make sure the product you are considering has been tested. Some establishments have in-house labs. Others hire a third-party testing facility. If the product has not been tested you cannot guarantee the potency or its safety for consumption. Purchasing a low-powered microscope is another easy and enjoyable way to check your own product for mites and mold at home. It’s also fun to look up close and see how colours or bud structure can differ from each strain. You may find a new appreciation for this fascinating plant.