Updated:  July 18, 2022  




Q: What are my options to shop with you? 

A: There are 3 different ways to shop with us right now:

- In-store shopping: We are located at 8965 HWY 45, Roseneath, ON, K0K-2X0 

- By Phone: 249-494-5680 - Phone orders are accepted between Monday & Friday

- Online shopping for pickup or delivery/shipping

Q: Do you take debit/credit card?

A: At this time our store remains cash only. 

If you wish to pay via e-transfer, please make an online order and choose PICKUP at checkout. Make a note in the SPECIAL NOTES section that you’d like to pay via e-transfer and we will notify you when payment has been received.  

To ensure there are no delays upon your arrival, please do not come to the store until we have texted you that payment was received. 


Q: I am having issues with your website. What should I do?                        

A: Please give us a call at the store. We will be able to assist you best this way: 249-494-5680


Q: Do I have to provide my photo ID when online shopping? 

A: Yes, if this is your first time shopping online with us, and you wish to have your order shipped/delivered, we must have proof you are of legal age to purchase cannabis. 

If you do no provide photo ID, we will not be able to process your order for delivery.

If you are picking up your order, it’s not necessary to send your ID. Please have your ID ready for pickup. 


Q: What should my security question be for the e-transfer? 

A: There should be no security question on the e-transfer. If your bank prompts you to generate a question, this is an indication there may have been an error made filling in our information.    


Q: Can I give an alias for my online order? I am not comfortable giving my real name online.

A: Unfortunately, no. All online orders must be in your real name, so we can cross check ID’s and payment.

If payment or ID name does not match the order name there will be delays when processing your order.