Here's How To Shop With Us Online:

1. Browse the Menu

If you have already shopped online with us before. Login to your account and start shopping!

If this is your first visit and you're ready to jump in, head over to our Menu. Clicking a menu item will show more information about the product.

2. Add Items to Cart

See something you like? Click the Add to Cart button to add the item to your order. Items that come in varying sizes/weights have an option for you to select which size is right for you.

3. Review Your Order

Once you're ready to checkout you can review your order. You may add/remove quantities here, or remove an item entirely.

4. Provide Your Info / Checkout

If you have shopped online with us before, just login to your existing account. If this is your first time with us, you'll need to provide your first and last name, a valid cell-number & address.

Once you have done so you will get a text to send us ID, so we know you are of legal age to purchase Cannabis. We only check your ID on the first order you make.

If having issues uploading ID, send them to:

5. Please Make Payment via E-Transfer to:

Please use your full name to keep your order and payment info correct. Auto-deposit is set up. No security question is needed.

6.Receive Your Delivery In The Mail via Xpresspost with Tracking.

If we are shipping your order to you, estimated shipping is 1-3 business days. Please note, courier services have been experiencing delays, due to large volumes of parcels. We extend our apologies if you do have delays with your package.

We do our best to ship out local deliveries same day.



Q: What are my options to shop with you?

A:There are 3 different ways to shop with us right now:

- Online shopping for delivery/shipment

- Online shopping for pick up

- Drive thru & storefront shopping.

If you wish to make an order online, but picking up, we assume you'll be paying in cash upon your arrival.


Q: I am having trouble uploading my ID to my account. What should I do?

A: If you are having issues uploading your ID, please send it via email to

Q: Do I have to provide my photo ID?

A: Yes, if this is your first time shopping online with us, we must have proof you are of legal age to purchase cannabis. We only ask you to provide this on your first order and we do not share your information with anyone. If you do not provide photo ID, we will not be able to process your order.

Q: What should my security question be for the e-transfer?

A: There should be no security question on the e-transfer. If your bank prompts you to generate a question, this is an indication there may have been an error made filling in our information.

Q: Can I give an alias for my online order? I'm not comfortable giving my real name online.

A: If your are ordering online and want your order to be delivered/shipped, we must have your real name for ID and payment verification.

Q: I want to place my order online, but drive to pick it up. Is that possible?

A: Yes! When making your order online, please make a note in the "Special Notes" section of your order that you want to pick up. We will assume cash payment upon your arrival at the drive thru.


Q: How does the drive thru work?

A: We have done our best to make our drive thru service as much like any traditional drive thru. When you arrive, place your order at the menu screen and then pick up and pay at the trailer window!

Q: Can I pay with debit or credit card?

A: No. Our drive thru remains cash only.

Q: Do you have ATM's available?

A: No. Our ATM's are unavailable at this time.

Q: Do I have to have my ID with me?

A: Yes! All of our staff have the right to ask any customer for ID, as well as the right to refuse any customer service should they not have ID on them. Anyone in the vehicle who looks 25 years, or younger, may be asked to show ID.